About Us

Veterinary professionals founded Al Kubaraa for the challenging needs of the Veterinary Industry.

Al Kubraa Veterinary is well known for its hassle free and efficient. Supply Chain System to ensure that the customers receive their orders on time at their doorstep. We are proud to be serving in Camel, Poultry, Dairy, Equine, and Small Animals (Sheep/Goat) Falcon, Pet, Divisions for many years for Medicines and treatment consultation. We realised that nature chose reproduction as a way of life to move forward, as a force of life that passes right through our bodies and makes us a small cog in the huge machinery of evolution. We can rarely see it with the naked eye, but every individual is a unique Human being and being with AKVMT is of great importance to us. We believe in personal and professional growth. We are very thankful to all the team members who have joined us in this journey over the past years and contributed to the success of AKVMT by utilising the best of their skills.

Why Al Kubaraa Trading Veterinary Medicine ?

Al Kubaraa Medicine Trading specialises in the Distribution of veterinary Medicines, Feed Supplements and Equipments for Veterinary industry multiple sectors.Al Kubaraa Veterinary Medicine Trading specialises in Equine industry requirements, camel industry requirements, Farm Animal requirements and Pet industry requirements. We are equipped with years of experience to answer any queries that you may have about Animal's health management and behaviour. We answer questions about different aspects of health management, disease management and biosecurity problems daily. Our extensive knowledge of our Veterinary health product means we know and we can suggest the right solution for your situation.

Our Vision

To be credible enough to be the customers first choice supplier/ Distributor/ wholesaler for all their veterinary needs in all over UAE. We came into this business with the vision of taking away all your pet related worries, be it medicines or treatment consultation. We understand that every life matters, so we are here for you and your precious Camel/ Horse /Farm Animals /Falcons/Pets.

Our Mission

Al Kubaraa Veterinary came to being with the mission of UAE Veterinary sector growth and well-being by Al Kubaraa veterinary professionals in veterinary products and treatment consultation services. The identification and satisfaction of customers’ veterinary related needs is our Mission.. The veterinary professionals/ veterinarians / Practising vets / corporate clients/ Farms/ Local resellers / individual clients are under special consideration for their Requirements in Al Kubaraa’s Mission.

About Our Products

Al Kubaraa has a wide range of Veterinary Products under its portfolio, from renowned and high quality manufacturers globally, GMP certified and results oriented products are in our portfolio, we represent principals like Ecabiotec GMBH, Vetra care , Royal ILAC and many others as exclusive distributors along with Audevard France , BelgaVet belgium , Botanica Ireland as well others as stockist and distributors.Our portfolio keeps increasing as per increasing requirements of veterinary industry and we are interlinked with all major distributors in UAE for corporate client requirements or any specific requirements of our valued customers.

Brands Working With Us

  • Golden Eggs
  • Marmum
  • Emirates
  • ain dairy
  • abu dhabi food ctrl
  • Abu Dhabi poultry
  • Al Jazeera
  • Alafya